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Item# 2500-V
MadaJet XL Urology

What Patients Say...

"I think it's natural to have some anxiety about
things being done down in that area. It was
not painful amazingly enough. I was pleasantly
surprised that it was nothing. You have these
thoughts in your mind what it could be. I feel

- David from Los Angeles, CA

"Painless is the key to the entire procedure.
He said it was painless and he was right."

- Jeff from Houston, TX

Answers to Common Questions

  • How Do You Sterilize the Unit & Accessories?
    The MadaJet XL can be autoclaved at the end of each day. For instructions on how to sterilize the device between cases, see the video on the next page.
  • How Large of an Area is Anesthetized?
    The injection stream penetrates about 4 mm into the tissue, and disperses to about 1.0 to 1.5 cm in diameter. The skin surface may blanch and a pinpoint entry site may be visible. The injection site entry point will be roughly equivalent in size to the puncture made by a 26-30 gauge needle.
  • Is it Really Pain Free?
    Many patients describe it in those words. However, when the injector is fired the patient may feel a weak sensation not unlike a thin rubber band being snapped against the skin. In an article published by Weill Medical College of Cornell University, it was noted that in "1,391 patients anesthetized using the no-needle technique, the average visual analogue scale (VAS) pain score for the injection was 1.65 of a maximum of 10. The average VAS pain score during the actual surgical procedure was 0.67."
  • Is it Just a Marketing Gimmick?
    Not at all. The MadaJet XL reduces patient anxiety, it's safer than a syringe, and as a spray, it uses anesthetic solution more effectively.

    The MadaJet XL has been providing real benefits to various medical specialties for decades.

    It is true, however, that recent statistics indicate that the public perception of vasectomy has become much more favorable as information about less invasive techniques such as the No-Needle and the No-Scalpel Vasectomy have become more widely available.
  • Can I Use the MadaJet XL Urology for Other Procedures?
    There are reports of urologists successfully using the MadaJet XL Urology Model injector for applications other than vasectomy anesthesia. However, these are primarily outside the United States.

    It should be noted that most in-office procedures are best performed with a 4 or 4.5 foot-pounds pressure setting on the MadaJet. The Urology model is set to 6 foot-pounds and is not user adjustable. Therefore, the General Medical MadaJet XL would be a more appropriate option if you are considering additional uses for no-needle technology. Please click here to place an order or read articles about the medical applications for the General Medical MadaJet XL.

TV News Reports Promote No-Needle Practices

Offering a No-Needle Vasectomy put your practice at the top of the list in the minds of men in your area considering the procedure. The proof of that is the explosion of media coverage that has been triggered in many cities as successful urology practices have introduced the technique to couples in their areas.

Click on the image to see some examples of No-Needle practices that have been featured in local or national news.

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