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Do you train others in the no-scalpel or no-needle vasectomy? Need training equipment? Request a loan of instruments or other equipment with the following form. We offer the following...

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  • http://www.vasweb.com - Dr. Douglass G. Stein, M.D. has performed thousands of vasectomies and shares his experience one-on-one in intensive training sessions. English and Spanish welcome
  • http://www.aafp.org - The American Academy of Family Physicians offers training sessions that feature advanced vasectomy techniques. Check for scheduling and availability.
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Vasectomy Training Course

No-one can understate the value of hands-on training with a physician who's experienced at performing vasectomy.

While books, articles, and videos are very helpful, subtle things like patient relaxation and the nuances of hand and finger position are best learned physician to physician.


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  •  4026 CELL-VU DRM-700 CBC, the Disposable Hemacytometer

    4026 CELL-VU DRM-700 CBC, the Disposable Hemacytometer

    SKU #4026

  • Standard Ring Clamp (VE-1)

    Standard Ring Clamp (VE-1)

    SKU #VE-1

  • Disposable Cautery Handles

    Disposable Cautery Handles

    SKU #AA-21

  • Instrument Sterilization  Tray

    Instrument Sterilization Tray

    SKU #4100

Lowest prices for vasectomy instruments, surgical clips, or thermal cauteries. Looking for a vasectomy video or information on the no needle vasectomy? Our vasectomy video and info section includes information for both physicians and patients.