Cautery & Clips Bundle #2


• 1 Reusable Thermal Cautery Pen CH-HI)
• 10 Disposable Vasectomy Cautery Tips (CT-2121)
• Medium Surgical Clip Applier (4030)*
• 180 Titanium Clips for Vasal Occlusion (4035)*

* Applier is Aesculap Braun, Clips from Vitalitec

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Reusable Cautery and Surgical Clip Pack Bundle

  • Reusable Cautery and Surgical Clip Pack Bundle


The 6 Clip Cartridge Closure System used in Vasectomy

Many vasectomists prefer to occlude with surgical clips because they are both easy to use and typically faster than sutures. Titanium clips, in particular, are preferred because they are MRI and metal detector proof. The tiny clip (comparable to a grain of rice) has a positive grip micro-seration design that allows for a secure grip on the vasa.

Since many use four - six clips per procedure to clip the vas deferens (clipping both proximal and distal), the six clip per cartridge system tends to be the most economical.  

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Hand-Held Thermal Cautery used in Vasectomy

A survey of vasectomists in the United States indicates that cauterization, or fulguration, of the vasal lumen during vasectomy is the most frequently employed method of occlusion. Fully 70% of all vasectomists cauterize. 

Studies strongly suggests that thermal (hotwire) cautery is better because it results in 50 times fewer cases of sperm granuloma post-vasectomy.

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What Methods of Vasal Occlusion Are Recommended in the AUA 2012 Vasectomy Guideline?

An occlusion method that involves cauterizing the lumen and interposing the vasal sheath has gained wide acceptance in recent years. In 2012, a document entitled "Vasectomy: AUA Guidline" compares this method with others.

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No-needle anesthesia for vasectomy