Wilson Ring Clamp - Teardrop


Vasectomy Non-Cantilevered, 'Teardrop' Ring Clamp. ('fixation clamp') 6.00mm, 5"

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Wilson Ring  Clamp - Vasectomy Teardrop Style Clamp

  • Wilson Ring  Clamp - Vasectomy Teardrop Style Clamp
  • Wilson Ring  Clamp - Vasectomy Teardrop Style Clamp

A Wilson Ring Clamp ('Teardrop Forceps') 6.0 mm Ring. 

The Wilson teardrop forceps has a ring that is much larger than those of other forceps. Some practitioners have told us that it can be a very effective training instrument because it is much easier to grasp the vas, especially for those new to NSV.



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No-scalpel vasectomy is a refined approach for isolating and delivering the vas. It requires two surgical instruments specially designed by Dr. Li Shunqiang, the inventor of the No-Scalpel technique. In this chapter, learn more about these two instruments and how they help to lower the risks of complications. Also, review a list of additional supplies. - Provided by Engender Health.

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Why Should You Learn the No-Scalpel Vasectomy?

Many teaching organizations have made the No-Scalpel technique their standard for training physicians and residents in vasectomy. If you're not currently performing the No-Scalpel Vasectomy, consider the benefits it offers your patients as well as your practice.

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('fixation clamp') 6.00mm, 5"