Disposable Cauteries Pack

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2 Boxes of Sterile Disposable Cautery - Deluxe Vasectomy Package. Tips included.

(10 Cautery Pens per box) RX only product. End user must be a licensed physician. Written authorization from a licensed physician may be required. FORMERLY PRODUCT# AM-21-DX2

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Disposable Cauteries Pack

  • Disposable Cauteries Pack


What Methods of Vasal Occlusion Are Recommended in the AUA 2012 Vasectomy Guideline?

An occlusion method that involves cauterizing the lumen and interposing the vasal sheath has gained wide acceptance in recent years. In 2012, a document entitled "Vasectomy: AUA Guidline" compares this method with others.

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No-needle anesthesia for vasectomy




Video: Thermal Cautery Used with NSV.

A popular occlusion method is thermal cautery. This is done by inserting the tip of the cautery device into the vas lumen and desiccating the luminal mucosa of the vas to create a firm scar that will occlude the vas. 


Dr. Marc Goldstein - NSV Occlusion