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No Scalpel Vasectomy Marketing and Counseling Brochures 6 pp. 4/c tri-fold brochure. - Spanish (Qty 100 Brochures)

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Patient Brochures -  Spanish No Scalpel Vasectomy Counseling

  • Patient Brochures -  Spanish No Scalpel Vasectomy Counseling


What Helps Men to Choose a Vasectomy?

According to studies, the desicion-making process for a man considering a vasectomy comes in four basic stages. These are; awareness, information-seeking, evaluation, and finally adoption. A major factor in men ultimately choosing vasectomy is having access to educational materials from providers during the "information-seeking" stage of the process.

For this reason, many experienced urologists provide an abundance of information resources to assist men in their community. Among these resources are articles in local newspapers, info-websites, videos, and provider brochures. Can your practice provide effective educational resources to men in your community?

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No-needle anesthesia for vasectomy




Using Vasectomy to Grow Your Patient Base.

For an increasing number of urology practices, growing their patient base means doing more vasectomy. It remains one of the most popular and profitable urologic procedures. Many men meet a urologist for the first time through a vasectomy.

Marketing vasectomy doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Oftentimes a few common sense steps can go further that a big budget campaign. Follow the link below to use our free online vasectomy marketing tool.

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Video Clip: Patient Information No-Scalpel DVD 

A clear, informative presentation featuring Dr. Douglas G Stein, a urologic surgeon specializing in vasectomy. Dr. Stein presents a brief overview of vasectomy and highlights the benefit of new techniques such as the No-Needle and No-Scalpel Method.

Possible risks and complications are considered as well alternatives and post-vasectomy care.  



Dr. Douglas G Stein Presents


6 pages 4/c tri-fold brochure