Vasectomy Training

Quality patient care and consistent cash flow, learning the no-scalpel vasectomy can help you to obtain both. It was developed to increase the acceptability of vasectomy and lower the risk of complications. Today, patients love the no-scalpel technique. In fact, many teaching organizations have made it a standard for training physicians and residents. Should you learn the (NSV) No-Scalpel Vasectomy? To help you to decide, consider the following... Read Full Article

Links to Training/CME*
  • - The National Procedures Institute features a CME medical conference in which the no scalpel vasectomy is reviewed in depth. Training models and instruments are available.
  • - Dr. Douglass G. Stein, M.D. has performed thousands of vasectomies and shares his experience one-on-one in intensive training sessions. English and Spanish welcome
  • - The American Academy of Family Physicians offers training sessions that feature advanced vasectomy techniques. Check for scheduling and availability.
Training Instrument and Equipment

Do you train others in the no-scalpel or no-needle vasectomy? Need training equipment? Request a loan of instruments or other equipment with the following form. We offer the following...

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No-Needle Training*