No-Needle, No-Scalpel Pack 4

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The MadaJet XL Urology Model for No-Needle Vasectomy. SOLD WITH ONE ADDITIONAL INJECTOR HEAD (MFR# 503). Great for international customers. Madajet delivers local anesthesia without a needle. It creates a high pressure spray that allows the anesthetic agent to penetrate the scrotal skin without causing pain. This stainless steel unit is sold with all accessories (see Technical Data tab below for list of accessories) and comes with a 1 year warranty. MadaCide Disinfectant Only Available in Continental USA.  


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MadaJet XL Urology Device

  • MadaJet XL Urology Device
  • Urology Madajet 401UR
  • No-Needle Injector Head Diagram


How Does No-Needle Anesthesia Benefit Your Patients & Practice?

In a recent study, reported on by ABC News, it was found that men who are considering a vasectomy are more worried about pain than the permanence of the procedure. Is No-Needle Anesthesia an effective way of reducing that anxiety? How can No-Needle benefit your patients as well as your practice. Click to find out more.

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No-needle anesthesia for vasectomy




Video: No-Needle Vasectomy - Explanation of Technique and Maintenance.