The following article together will help you to keep your Madajet working properly. With it, you will be able to set up a normal maintenance routine for your injectors.

This article also includes an FAQ section that answers questions that many Madajet users have asked over the years. Additionally, you will find videos that provide a look at how physicians with many years of experience in using the injectors, clean, sterilize, and otherwise maintain their jets.

How To Get Started Using Your Injector

When your Madajet injector arrives, it’s best to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various parts of the injector first. You can do this by examining the diagram on page 6A of the Instruction Manual or on this page.

Madajet Diagram

The Madajet comes packed in a non-sterile sealed plastic bag. Although it has been thoroughly disinfected with MadaCide-FD (#2527), you may choose to autoclave it for its first use. Please check the manufacturers directions for your autoclave.

The following are general directions for steam autoclaving the Madajet:

• Open the plastic wrapping on the injector and unscrew head assembly and pyrex fill chamber from the body. Do not remove the Extenda Tip.

• Each component, including the MadaJet injector body, is to be wrapped separately in sterilization pouches and put in the autoclave. Be sure to pull the cocking lever down (until it clicks) on the MadaJet injector body prior to placing it in its’ sterilization pouch.

• The Madajet XL requires steam autoclaving by one of the following two methods:

1. Steam Pre-Vacuum Method
- Temperature: 132 C (270 F) Exposure Time: 4.0 Minutes

2. Steam Gravity Method
- Temperature: 132 C (270 F) Exposure Time: 15 Minutes

After autoclaving, remove all parts and allow to cool to room temperature before assembling and use.

It’s important to carefully review the instructional materials provided in the package with your injector. They not only help you to get the best use of your MadaJet but also include certain cautionary warnings to help you avoid unsafe practices.

What To Do Before And After Use

Begin Daily Use:

1. Unwrap parts using sterile gloves.

2. Insert the glass chamber (#2306) onto head assembly and transfer 3 cc of 2% Lidocaine with your syringe into the chamber* (see illustration A). (Hint: for a better seal between the fill chamber and head assembly "wet" the base of the chamber with sterile water or anesthetic prior to insertion into the head.) * Capacity of fill chamber is 6cc.

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After Daily Use:

1. Unscrew head assembly and pour out any unused anesthetic solution. Note that most anesthetic solutions will cause a brown discoloration of metal parts if any remnants are allowed to remain in the instrument for more than 1-2 days. Therefore, always pour out any remaining anesthetic solutions each evening.

2. Fill the head assembly with sterile or distilled water and prime the head 2-3 times before autoclaving the entire unit. (For more details on autoclaving the Madajet, see "Sterilizing with Steam Autoclave" below)

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Next Use:

Pour out all remaining MadaCide FD solution and rinse the unit with sterile or distilled water. Prime the head assembly 2-3 times and follow points #2 through #5 "For Daily Use" above.

Cleaning And Sterilizing Your Injector

Daily Cleaning Of Head Assembly With The Mada Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mada Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Mada Digital Ultrasonic cleaner (item# 2310) is designed to perform a high power cleaning of even the tiniest areas of the head assembly of the injector, keeping it clear of sediments and particles.

When the head of the MadaJet as well as the chamber area are lowered into the cleaner, cavitation causes high powered microjets of liquid to be propelled throughout the bath of cleaning solution thus removing even the most tenacious particles hidden in crevices of the device upon impact.

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Process for Ultrasonic Cleaning

• Fill the (Item# 2310) Ultrasonic tank with clean tap water to full (maximum).

• Add 3 ounces of MadaCide-FD (#2527)

• Remove Madajet XL head assembly from Madajet XL body. Remove glass fill chamber (#2306) and metal Weiss sheath (#2525) and place these parts into the (Item #2310-R) rack.

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Process For Sterilizing

The most common and readily available method for sterilizing the Madajet is autoclaving. However, it is not advisable to use a “dry heat” autoclave since it may cause the washers inside the injector to dry out and crack. These parts can likewise be damaged if the injector is frequently chemically sterilized. Steam autoclave tends to yield the best results.

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Repair And Annual ServiceDownload Service Form

Even though the MadaJet injector can stand up to rigorous use, it must be routinely serviced by the manufacturer to remain in good condition.

Approximately one year after the first use of your injector, it should be returned to the manufacturer so that all parts can be inspected and worn rubber seals can be replaced. (See "Submitting a Service Request" below) Since this service may require 2-4 weeks, you will need to prepare to be without your injector for that period of time. If you choose to purchase a secondary unit a discount may apply. In such case, please complete the web form on the "Contact Us" page.

WARRANTY: Since the injector is covered by a limited warranty for one year after your purchase date, needed repairs may be covered. If you have questions regarding when your unit was purchased, contact us with the serial number on your injector. To obtain warranty service send your MadaJet to Mada Medical at the at 625 Washington Avenue Carlstadt, NJ 07072.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal life expectancy for my MadaJet injector?

A. Under normal use, the MadaJet should last from 8-10 years if properly serviced on a yearly basis.

Why is my MadaJet no longer penetrating the skin?

A. Check to see when the instrument was last serviced. If it has not been serviced in over one year, it must be returned to the factory for its annual service.

B. Check to see if the extenda tip (Item #2403-75) is clogged by using the stylet included with the MadaJet when purchased. If using the stylet to unclog the extenda tip fails, change the extenda tip.

Why is my MadaJet making a popping sound and is no longer quiet?

A. This can occur when the injector has been used frequently. However, it most often occurs when there is not sufficient anesthesia solution in the fill chamber. Check your fill chamber and fill it comfortably. Also, make sure that all of the seals are in place. Be sure to cock the injector in a vertical position (nose down).

Why is my MadaJet turning brown and appears to be rusting?

A. Review MadaJet cleaning instructions to ensure that the correct disinfectant / cleaning product is being used. (MadaCide-FD) Other disinfectants or sterilants are not always compatible with the MadaJet materials. Also, check to see when the instrument was last serviced.

B. Make certain that you are pouring the anesthetic out at the end of the day and either rinsing with sterile or distilled water before autoclaving. If you are not autoclaving at the end of the day, be sure to use MadaCide-FD (#2527) to flush the injector head. (See "After Daily Use" section above) When sterilizing with MadaCide-FD at the end of the day, pour the disinfectant solution out the next day and rinse with sterile or distilled water before adding any anesthetic to the fill chamber. This will insure that two chemicals (Madacide-FD and lidocaine) do not react with each other causing a brown precipitate to form on the metal, plastic, and glass surfaces.

Why is my MadaJet not cocking properly?

A. Review MadaJet cleaning instructions to ensure that the correct disinfectant / cleaning product is being used. (MadaCide-FD) Note that other disinfectants or sterilants are not always compatible with the MadaJet materials.

B. Please check that the cocking function is being done properly. In the product manual the diagram shows the position of the injector body and lever for cocking. Hold the instrument nose down and pull the lever 90 degrees horizontally. If your jet will not cock after consulting the manual, please follow the steps on the service request form to have the problem corrected by the manufacturer.

Can Mada or provide a loaner MadaJet when I have to return my injector for annual service?

A. Current FDA regulations prevent anyone from offering a loaner injection device for such reasons.

B. A back-up MadaJet can be purchased from the Vasectomy Store in order to allow for normal annual servicing of the MadaJet. This will prevent any down time for the patients. Discounts for a new injector may apply. To inquire about a discount, please use the web form on the contact us page.

What service is normally performed on my MadaJet when sent in yearly?

A. Systematic ultrasonic cleaning.

B. Replacement of all seals.

C. Every second year, all seals AND springs are replaced.

D. All Stainless Steel parts are inspected for normal wear.

Can my MadaJet be autoclaved to sterilize?

A. Yes. The complete MadaJet can be autoclaved. Be sure to remove the head assembly (#2502), glass chamber (#2306) and sheath (#2525)from the MadaJet body before autoclaving. All should be wrapped separately before autoclaving.
Note: Do Not Remove The Extenda Tip during autoclaving.

Can the MadaJet body be submerged in any cleaning chemicals?

A. No. Reason: Chemicals can be trapped in the back of the MadaJet body and can cause the MadaJet to malfunction.

Can Q-Tips be used to clean the MadaJet?

A. No. Reason: Q-Tip hairs can clog up the inside of the MadaJet causing it to malfunction.

Can lubricants be applied to the MadaJet?

A. No. Reason: The lubricant might not be compatible with the materials that the MadaJet is constructed from and can cause it to malfunction.

Should the extenda tip be removed during normal cleaning or sterilizing of the MadaJet?

A. No. Reason: The extenda tip should only be removed when it is clogged and requires cleaning with the stylet. This should rarely occur.

Why does the MadaJet have to be in a cocked position during autoclaving?

A. The MadaJet must be cocked during autoclaving to allow the heat and moisture to enter the body of the instrument for proper sterilization.

When the MadaJet is not being used, how should it be stored during the day or night?

A. The MadaJet should be stored in the MadaJet stand (Item# 2508) using MadaCide-FD (#2527) to clean and disinfect.

Can the MadaJet pressure be increased or decreased to suit different applications:

A. Yes. The MadaJet can be returned to the factory for such adjustments at a minimal charge. Use the Service Request Form below to do so.

If I lose the original invoice when I purchased my MadaJet, how can I tell how old the MadaJet is?

A. Use the “contact us” form on and furnish us with the serial number on the MadaJet and we will provide you with the original purchase date as well as the last service date.