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Afas-Cold Instant Cold Pack. Includes 2 units.

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Vasectomy Cold Pack

  • Vasectomy Cold Pack

What Items Will I Need After a Vasectomy? 

While your vasectomy physician will no doubt provide direction on what items you will need, here is what many physicians recommend. 

• Wearing an athletic supporter or fitted brief can provide support to the scrotum during your recovery.

• To alleviate post-operative swelling, a cold pack can be applied to the scrotum. Some briefs, specially designed for vasectomy patients contain a compartment for easy and stable placement of a cold pack.

• Since semen is not clear of sperm for some time after a vasectomy, many physicians recommend that couples temporarily use an alternative method of birth control until a semen analysis indicates that the semen is clear of sperm.

• It is widely recommended by physicians that men avoid medications that contain aspirin during recovery. Generally, medications that contain acetaminophen (e.g Tylenol) are often recommended to relieve achiness or discomfort.


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