Double Standard NSV Instrument Sets

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The Original NSV Standard Li Brand™ No-Scalpel Instrument Set. This set includes two Standard Ring Clamps ('fixation clamp') with the unique "cantilever" design. This lightweight stainless steel instrument has a 3.5 - 3.8 mm ring.

Also includes two Surgical Dissecting Clamps with a sharp curved end for puncturing and dissecting. Both instruments have the classic LiBrand matte finish. Made by LiBrand, the orgininal NSV instruments.

- Unique Cantilever Design
- Durable Stainless Steel
- Two Year Warranty

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Standard Instrument Set - LiBrand™ No Scalpel Vasectomy Set

  • Standard Instrument Set - LiBrand™ No Scalpel Vasectomy Set
  • Standard Instrument Set - LiBrand™ No Scalpel Vasectomy Set
  • LiBrand Surgical Dissector
  • LiBrand Ring Clamp

Why Choose LiBrand™ - The Original No-Scalpel Vasectomy Instruments? 

Proven in more than 20 million procedures worldwide, LiBrand instruments are the only ones to be used in every major study published on NSV. Why?

According to Dr. Li Shunqiang, inventor of the No-Scalpel Vasectomy, the major reason for NSV’s documented 10-fold reduction in complications, especially bleeding, is the cantilever on the ring clamp. LiBrand Instruments feature this unique cantilever design which consistently result in less tissue trauma around the vas and significantly lowers the risk of hematoma. 

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Many teaching organizations have made the No-Scalpel technique their standard for training physicians and residents in vasectomy. If you're not currently performing the No-Scalpel Vasectomy, consider the benefits it offers your patients as well as your practice.

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Standard Instrument Set - LiBrand™ No Scalpel Vasectomy Set