SpermCheck® Vasectomy Home Test

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SpermCheck® Vasectomy is an FDA-approved male fertility test product for recently vasectomized men wishing to confirm the success of their vasectomy or to monitor for recanalization (when the vas deferens manages to “grow back” and reverse the vasectomy, making a man fertile again).

- Results in 10 Minutes
- Recommended by Urologists
- Convenient & Private Post Vasectomy Test

SpermCheck Vasectomy Test


SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test - FDA Approved

  • SpermCheck® Post Vasectomy Test - FDA Approved
  • SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test - FDA Approved


The Only "At Home" Post-Vasectomy Test Kit  

SpermCheck® Vasectomy is a home test kit that checks if a vasectomy was successful. It does this by detecting the amount of sperm in semen following a vasectomy.

The SpermCheck® indicator panel displays your results in less than 10 minutes. This lets you or your doctor know if the number of sperm has dropped sufficiently to discontinue other methods of birth control.

Package Contents:

  • 2 SpermCheck® Devices
  • 2 Semen Collection Cups
  • 2 Semen Transfer Devices
  • 2 Solution Bottles
  • 1 Instructions for Use

* This product is not intended to replace laboratory post-vasectomy semen analysis



What Items Will I Need After a Vasectomy? 

While your vasectomy physician will no doubt provide direction on what items you will need, the following is what many physicians recommend. 

• Wearing an athletic supporter or fitted brief can provide support to the scrotum during your recovery.

• To alleviate post-operative swelling, a cold pack can be applied to the scrotum. Some briefs, specially designed for vasectomy patients contain a compartment for easy and stable placement of a cold pack.

• Since semen is not clear of sperm for some time after a vasectomy, many physicians recommend that couples temporarily use an alternative method of birth control until a semen analysis indicates that the semen is clear of sperm.

• It is widely recommended by physicians that men avoid medications that contain aspirin during recovery. Generally, medications that contain acetaminophen (e.g Tylenol) are often recommended to relieve achiness or discomfort.


* Please consult your physiian. All materials posted on this website is for information purposes only and should not be construed as medical adice. View Our Terms of Use



Technical Specifications

Weight 0.054 kg
Dimensions 2.88 x 2.5 x 5.25 cm


  • Collect semen sample in collection cup. Let stand for 20 minutes.
  • Fill semen transfer device up to black line with semen sample and add to SpermCheck® solution bottle.
  • Mix semen sample and solution by turning bottle upside down 5 to 10 times. Let stand for 2 minutes.
  • Twist off of the SpermCheck® solution bottle cap and add 5 drops to the sample well marked “S.” Read results after 7 minutes.


For diagnostic use.  Not for internal use.  Keep out of reach of children.  Not for contraceptive use.  Do not use if foil wrapper containing the test is damaged.  Do not use this product after expiration date.

Store in a cool, dry place at 36° – 86°F (2° – 30°C). Do not freeze.

How to Read the Test Results:


• A Positive Test Result  

A positive test result does not necessarily mean that your vasectomy failed, but does indicate that additional testing is needed. You should continue to use other birth control and talk to your doctor about what to do next. We suggest that you wait at least two weeks before testing with a new SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device.


• A Negative Test Result  

A negative result indicates that your sperm count is extremely low, at or below a level shown by scientific studies to present very little risk of pregnancy.

• An Invalid Test Result  invalid-test

If you do not see a control line (marked as “C” on the SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device) the test cannot be interpreted and you should test again with another SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device.

The SpermCheck® Vasectomy Kit contains everything you need to perform two SpermCheck® Vasectomy tests. You should follow your doctor’s instructions about how long to wait after your vasectomy before performing the tests.

The results of both tests should be negative. If they are not both negative then test again with another SpermCheck®Vasectomy Kit until you receive two consecutive negative results.

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