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Vasectomy in the News

  • NBC News - Can you still be fertile after vasectomy? - Many men skip a critical step after having vasectomies. Even after having one, there's a chance you could still be fertile. While it's rare, ignoring your doctor's advice could lead to a surprise pregnancy.
  • Fox News - Vasectomy Reversal - If you've made the tough decision to have a vasectomy, why would you want to undergo a vasectomy reversal? Well, some men might want to start a new family or maybe some men might want to have their vasectomy reversed because they have pain in their testicles.

Product Updates

  • MadaJet Injector - Owner's Update

Technique Updates

  • No current updates, please check back soon.

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  • Standard Ring Clamp (VE-1)

    Standard Ring Clamp (VE-1)

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    TCU Adjustable Cautery - 220 Volts

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    Standard NSV Instrument Set

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