MadaJet Daily Maintenance Procedures

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At The Beginning of the Day

    1. Put 1-3cc of anesthetic solution or medicament to be used into the fill chamber.
  • Prime 2-3 times. Screw head onto body, cock and fire.
  • Place jet injector into holder.


At The End of the Day

    1. Unscrew head assembly and pour or spray approximately 3cc of Ready-To-Use MadaCide-FD* into glass fill chamber.
  • Flush out MadaCide-FD* by putting 2-3cc of distilled water into fill chamber.
  • Prime the injector, and then empty the flush water.

    *MadaCide-FD is only available in the continental United States. Comparable disinfectant solutions may be used where MadaCide-FD is not available.